Aksarben Initiatives

Learning from businesses and regions of the
state what matters most, and doing what we
can to support prosperity and growth for
every Nebraskan.

Nebraska business leaders are facing a shortage of workers. In response, Aksarben has launched initiatives by both industry and region to address these challenges head on. With Nebraska’s prosperity as our main goal, Aksarben is convening leaders in business, education, government, and philanthropy all across the state to help develop strategies to attract and retain talent.

More initiatives are in development and coming soon, so stay tuned!
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Pressing Needs

Growing Nebraska’s talent pool is critical. To compete for talent, it will take all of us working together. Learn more about the challenges we face in this video, as well as how Aksarben is convening leaders from business, governmental organizations and the education sector to address it.

Stakeholders Meetings

Each year Aksarben hosts a meeting bringing together statewide leadership across all industries and regions of both the public and private sectors to hear about challenges facing Nebraska from industry experts and data scientists.

By defining the challenges and how they’re evolving,
we are better able to deploy effective strategies to support solutions, together.

Aksarben is committed to the legacy initiatives of scholarships, community grants, farm family recognition, and honor while making room for new initiatives addressing the challenges we face as a state across industries such as technology and agriculture, and regions such as Northeast and Central Nebraska.

Full Value

Full Value Agriculture is an Aksarben Foundation initiative helping
Nebraska farmers, ranchers, and feeders grow profit and competitive

Growing Together Initiative

The Northeast Nebraska Growing Together initiative fosters a regional entrepreneurial ecosystem and is making big plans.

Nebraska Tech Collaborative

NTC is a group of over 100 partners working together to drive results and scale programs to build a world-class tech talent ecosystem.