What bright spots or new initiatives have come from pandemic related adversity over the past 15 months?

In their recent issue Forward Together, Metro Magazine - The Spirit of Omaha and Beyond, visited with Aksarben President, Sandra Reding, about what bright spots or new initiatives have come from pandemic-related adversity over the past 15 months. Here's what Sandra had to say.

"As a convener of statewide leadership, Aksarben has been in a unique position to see the various industry shifts which occurred during and post the height of the COVID-19 pandemic up close. Our special edition of Spirit of Aksarben highlighted these bright spots and exemplified the strength of Nebraska businesses and leaders as we all navigated this new terrain together.

No business or industry was immune to the pitfalls of this virus. With so many agricultural and transportation jobs in the state, the majority of Nebraska was "essential" to keep the country supplied with food and other needed supplies, reminding everyone of Nebraska's strength to pull together and get the job done.

Aksarben pulled together to continue its work on workforce development. Initiatives such as the Nebraska Tech Collaborative and Growing Together continued operating within their respective spheres and even continued to grow through virtual work and teleconferencing. We can all take something away from the challenges of the past year and come away with more pride than ever to be Nebraskans.