Shining a spotlight on families in the Heartland for their volunteerism and passion, the honorees that make up the 2022 Aksarben Ball Royal Court have been unveiled.

The Aksarben Court was officially introduced Saturday, July 30, 2022, at the Hilton Omaha. Pages and Standard Bearers were introduced in the morning during the Royal Court Brunch and Princesses, Escorts and Court of Honor members were introduced in the evening during the Royal Court Welcome dinner. They will be formally presented at the Aksarben Ball on October 29, 2022 at the CHI Health Center.

Sharlon Rodgers, Women’s Ball Committee Chair greeted guests at each event. Carol Wang served as Royal Court Brunch Chair. Sally English served as Royal Court Welcome Chair, with Tiffany White-Welchen serving as Royal Court Brunch and Welcome Assistant. Also in attendance were Aksarben Board Chair, Dana Bradford, Aksarben President, Sandra Reding, Aksarben Ball Committee Chair Jamie Gutierrez; and Aksarben’s Most Honored Citizen for 2021 Tonn and Holly Ostergard.

Jeffrey Taxman, who has announced the Court each year since 1989 reprised his role announcing the Royal Court at each event.

2022 Royal Courts

Standard Bearers

Jackson Daniel Conley, son of Tonya and Aaron Conley of Omaha.

Anna Jane Conway, daughter of Jill and Sean Conway of Omaha.

Blake William Flood, son of Mandi and Congressman Mike Flood of Norfolk.

Ahaan Gulati, son of Drs. Priyanka Borah and Vikas Gulati of Omaha.

Arie Joi Jackson, daughter of Dr. Donna Stewart and Stephen Jackson of Omaha.

Jordan Christopher McDade, son of Serese and Todd McDade of Papillion.

Colton Michael Meridith, son of Lisa and Mike Meridith of Elkhorn.

Logan Matthew Slobotski, son of Molly and Jeff Slobotski of Bennington.

Hallie Faith Tonniges, daughter of Lindsey and Christopher Tonniges and Tracie and John Sokolik of Omaha.

Ava Marie Wiechmann, daughter of Amy and John Wiechmann of Omaha.


Olivia Jean Adams, daughter of Fara and DeMoine Adams of Lincoln.

Annabelle Elizabeth Alexander, daughter of Jacquelyn and Scott Alexander of Omaha.

Mason Hawkins Anderson, son of Kathryn and David Anderson of Omaha.

Claire Elizabeth Arganbright, daughter of Amy and Kyle Arganbright of Valentine.

Kase Dam Arganbright, son of Danielle and Kurt Arganbright of Valentine.

Henry Northrop Arther, son of Anne and Dr. Andrew Arther of Omaha.

Roman Reid Atchley, son of Natalia and Zach Atchley of Omaha.

Addison Frances Blumkin, daughter of Amanda and Ryan Blumkin of Omaha.

Madeline Michele Brugman, daughter of Margaret and Helmut Brugman of Omaha.

Graham Anthony Buda, son of Jennifer and Tony Buda of Waterloo.

Frederick Cutler Conway, son of Jackie and Kevin Conway of Omaha.

Georgia Mabel Deupree, daughter of Brittany and Austin Deupree of Omaha.

Easton Christopher Dieckman, son of Ashley and Taylor Dieckman of Omaha.

Gemma Elizabeth DiMaio, daughter of Laura and Dr. Dominick DiMaio of Omaha.

Roy Henrik Dinsdale, son of Sheena and Matt Dinsdale of Elkhorn.

Ellen Elizabeth Enenbach, daughter of Dr. Laura and Matthew Enenbach of Omaha.

William Mac Enenbach, son of Megan and Jonathan Enenbach of Omaha.

Scarlett Katherine Ferguson, daughter of Katie and Lowell Ferguson of Papillion.

Samuel Wesley Fiddelke, son of Deb Fiddelke of Lincoln.

Jack Jameson Flynn, son of Paige and James Flynn of Lincoln.

Jackson McCarty Freeland, son of Sarah and Jeff Freeland of Omaha.

Annie Grace Grosshans, daughter of Katie and Dr. Kevin Grosshans of Omaha.

Carl John Guenzel V, son of Cindy and C.J. Guenzel IV of Omaha.

Grace Alicia Cecilia Gutierrez, daughter of Joyce and Mark Gutierrez of Bellevue.

Milo Norman Herian, son of Minja and Mitchel Herian of Omaha.

Silas Timothy Hoch, son of Megan and Michael Hoch of Omaha.

Frank Patrick Huse, son of Sara and Patrick Huse of Omaha.

Alexandria Karen Ann Johnson, daughter of Ande and Adam Johnson of Omaha.

Claudia Beau Kammerer, daughter of Robin and Andy Kammerer of Omaha.

Rachel Susan Kaniewski, daughter of Patty and Steve Kaniewski of Gretna.

Sophia Claire Laflin, daughter of Melissa and L. Tyler Laflin of Omaha.

Theodore Kent Lee, son of Micayla and Philip Lee of Omaha.

Alexander Scott Lehan, son of Lisa and Christopher Lehan of Omaha.

Barron Dan Lindstrom, son of Leigh and State Sen. Brett Lindstrom of Omaha.

Keagan Whitney Lovgren, daughter of Drue and Dr. Todd Lovgren of Elkhorn.

Thomas Richard Macdissi, son of Sarah and Dr. Anthony Macdissi of Omaha.

Kashton Lane Marsh, son of Shelly and Casey Marsh of Omaha.

Graham Michael McCue McDevitt, son of Gina and Michael McDevitt of Omaha.

Connor Steven Mead, son of Alexa and Steven Mead of Omaha.

Angelina Margaret Mello, daughter of Catherine and Heath Mello of Omaha.

Hadley Caroline Nogg, daughter of Kelly and Jeff Nogg of Omaha.

Harper James Nolan, daughter of Kim and Jimmy Nolan of Elkhorn.

Elin Christine Nordquist, daughter of Shannon and Jeremy Nordquist of Omaha.

Reid Ryan O'Leary, son of Sarah and T.J. O'Leary of Omaha.

Cleo Jacobson Osberg, daughter of Rachel Jacobson and Stephen Osberg of Omaha.

William Winston Ostergard, son of Amanda and Winston Ostergard of Lincoln.

John Bowlus Oxley, son of Emily and Eric Oxley of Omaha.

Madeline Marie Pape, daughter of Kimberly and Matthew Pape of Omaha.

Britten Phillip Parker, son of Kate and Dan Parker of Omaha.

William Matthew Plooster, son of Natasha and Matthew Plooster of Malcolm.

Finley Beth Potter, daughter of Tyeler and Zachery Potter of Elkhorn.

Oliver Joseph Reynolds, son of Nikole and Benjamin Reynolds of Omaha.

Charles Michael Rush, son of Melissa and Terry Rush of Omaha.

Lucille Ryan Sands, daughter of Shannon and Michael Sands of Springfield.

Lia Shanti Saxena, daughter of Drs. Kristin and Shikhar Saxena of Omaha.

Anne Rose Shea, daughter of Leigh and Dillon Shea of Omaha.

Virginia Elizabeth Spatz, daughter of Tina and Benjamin Spatz of Omaha.

Lola Mae Stoller, daughter of Sara and Asher Stoller of Omaha.

Molly Rose Sudbeck, daughter of Rebecca and Rory Sudbeck of Omaha.

Neal Charles Sutton, son of Carolyn and Chase Sutton of Omaha.

Giuliana Christine Volpone, daughter of Sarah and Guinio Volpone of Omaha.

Miller James Vrbicky, son of Keeli and Michael Vrbicky of Omaha.

Landry Wilson Walker, son of Haley and Jamie Walker of Omaha.

Eden Elizabeth Walters, daughter of Betsy Seeba-Walters and Marc Walters of Lincoln.

Collins Eva Wegner, daughter of Jessica and Devon Wegner of Lincoln.

Harper Lou Wegner, daughter of Brooke and the late Aaron Wegner of Omaha.

Grace Rose Woodke, daughter of Amy and Seth Woodke of Omaha.


Katherine Roe Andersen, daughter of Leslie and Dave Andersen of Omaha.

Mekenzie Phillips Beattie, daughter of Shana and Bart Beattie of Sumner.

Ava Brooke Bettger, daughter of Jennifer and Rick Bettger of Omaha.

Elizabeth Lucille Blaser, daughter of Amy and Christopher Blaser of Duncan.

Camryn Leigh Burkhalter, daughter of Kim and Kurt Burkhalter of Omaha.

Megan Ruth Doehner, daughter of Dr. Tamara Doehner of Omaha and George Doehner.

Laura Elizabeth Dutton, daughter of Kim and Terry Dutton of Blair.

Sophia Grace Fahleson, daughter of Sara and Mark Fahleson of Lincoln.

Mary Elizabeth Foster, daughter of Diana and Robert Foster of Elkhorn.

Isabel Mariko Gerdes, daughter of Pamela Watanabe-Gerdes and Kyle Gerdes of Waterloo.

Jenna Jane Grote, daughter of Shelly and Gary Grote of Omaha.

Abigail Kathryn Hornady, daughter of Ellen Hornady and Jason Hornady of Grand Island.

Samantha Rose Horning, daughter of Cynthia and Tyler Horning of Omaha.

Abbigail Lynn Hrnicek, daughter of Tracie and Dr. Matthew Hrnicek of Lincoln.

Ashley Lauren Hrnicek, daughter of Tracie and Dr. Matthew Hrnicek of Lincoln.

Lena Jo Hughes, daughter of Jana and John Hughes of Seward.

Vivian Victoria Jacobitz, daughter of Lilian and Andrew Jacobitz of Omaha.

Katherine Elizabeth Jones, daughter of Jeanie and Lance Jones of Omaha.

Clara Bailey Kidder, daughter of Tarna and Mark Kidder of Omaha.

Anna Elizabeth Kotula, daughter of Suzanne and Dr. Rudy Kotula of Omaha.

Kelly Elizabeth Mahoney, daughter of Catherine and Dr. Jeffrey Mahoney of Omaha.

Margaret Theresa McGowan, daughter of Kimberly McGowan of Omaha.

Alexandria Elizabeth Miller, daughter of Angie and Dave Miller of Elkhorn.

Olivia Caroline Minchow, daughter of Matt and the late Margaret Minchow of Cedar Creek.

Olivia Katherine Murphy, daughter of Stephanie and J. Todd Murphy of Omaha.

Erin Elizabeth Pritza, daughter of Judy and Dr. Randy Pritza of Omaha.

Abigail Warner Reed, daughter of Mindy and Tim Reed of Omaha.

Josephine Claire Reed, daughter of Stacie and Rob Reed of Omaha.

Ainsley Aidan Rickertsen, daughter of Julie and Luke Rickertsen of Brady.

Mollie Madison Rowe, daughter of Sheila and Dave Rowe of Johnson Lake.

Sarah Margaret Schaff, daughter of Kristine and Thomas Schaff of Omaha.

Megan Mary Schroeder, daughter of Holly and Todd Schroeder of Wisner.

Emily Alice Smith, daughter of Beth and Clay Smith of Lincoln.

Mallory Marie Stamm, daughter of Marjean and Dr. David Stamm of Omaha.

Gracelyn Faith Stewart, daughter of Kimberley and Marc Kaschke of Elkhorn.

Amelia Mae Stokes, daughter of Paige Duncan and Dr. Jonathan Henning of Lincoln and Alisha and Chris Stokes of Lincoln.

Madeline Elizabeth Vovk, daughter of Dr. Patricia Helke and Paul Vovk of Omaha.

Katherine Anne Whitehead, daughter of Chris and Mark Whitehead of Lincoln.

Sydney Ann Woodruff, daughter of Barbara and Robert Woodruff of York.

Brennan Kayle Zatechka, daughter of Jennifer and Dr. Rob Zatechka of Omaha.

Zoe Virginia Zier, daughter of Peggy and Larry Zier of Omaha.


John Harrison Boggust, son of Paula and Matt Boggust of Omaha.

Aden Michael Boyle, son of Dana and Mike Boyle of Omaha.

Adam Warner Cole, son of Thea and Dr. Jack Cole of Cozad.

Cameron Alexander Coleman, son of Dr. Angela Felton-Coleman and Ron Coleman of Omaha.

Benton Alan Henry Cornett, son of Sheryl and Dr. Chris Cornett of Bennington.

Jaden Michael Dannehl, son of Stephanie and Dave Dannehl of Bertrand.

Daniel Toluwanimi Davies, son of Arike and Dr. Dele Davies of Omaha.

Nathan Allyn Dillon, son of Tanya and Blake Dillon of Valley.

Andrew William Ellerbee, son of Diane and Bill Ellerbee of Lincoln.

Nicholas Patrick Gay, son of Tonee and Tim Gay of Papillion.

Theodore Lewis Nicholas Gernhart, son of Dr. Sarah and Kevin Hansen of Elkhorn and Gary Gernhart and Kate Placzek of Omaha.

John David Goering, Jr. son of Katie and Dr. John Goering, Sr. of Grand Island.

Chadrick Harrison Gratton, son of Buffy Gratton and William Gratton of Elkhorn.

Preston James Edward Greiner, son of Beth and Curt Greiner of Papillion.

Thomas Raymond Halgren, son of Drs. Victoria and John Halgren of Omaha.

Graham Robert Hedstrom, son of Catherine and Charles Hedstrom of Lincoln.

Isaac Jeffery Jacobs, son of Kristi and Dr. Jeff Jacobs of Bennington.

Mitchell Thomas Kahre, son of Sally and Mike Kahre of Elkhorn.

Jackson Richard Koller, son of Denise and John Koller of Arapahoe.

Ryan Douglas Lewis, son of Kristin and Charles Lewis of Omaha.

Lincoln Brasee Loftus, son of Margret and Eric Loftus of Lincoln.

John William Loudon, son of Anne and Andrew Loudon of Lincoln.

Parker Durham Lundgren, son of Kristin Lundgren and Andrew Lundgren of Elkhorn.

DaShawn JaMar McGary, son of Tiffany McGary and David Evans of Omaha and Jonnell and Ronald Devers of Omaha.

Henry Matthew Medlock, son of Anne and Matthew Medlock of Omaha.

Connor Paul O'Doherty, son of Jennifer and Jerry O'Doherty of Omaha.

Brock Allen Otterberg, son of Liz and Dr. Erik Otterberg of Elkhorn.

Michael Charles Pallesen, Jr., son of Kathleen and Mike Pallesen, Sr. of Omaha.

Ross Anthony Pantano, son of Stephanie and Robb Pantano of Bennington.

Aiden Daniel Peterson, son of Martha and Dan Peterson of Neola, IA.

Dominic Joseph Pfeifer, son of Julie and Terry Pfeifer of Grand Island.

Jack James Reding, son of Sandra and Jim Reding of Omaha.

Jacob Henry Reimers, son of Lou and Brian Reimers of West Point.

Samuel Walla Rice, son of Mary Beth and Richard Rice of Lincoln.

Louis John Rotella IV, son of Jill and Lou Rotella III of Omaha.

Aidan Gerard Ryan, son of Karen and Dan Ryan of Omaha.

Michael Ward Shoemaker, son of Susie and Brian Shoemaker of Omaha.

Nicholas William Staab, son of Lisa and Curtis Staab of Lincoln.

Nolan Joseph Walz, son of Trish and Ted Walz of Omaha.

Colesun Kent Wood, son of Debbie and Brian Wood of Omaha.

Thomas Cochrane Woods V, son of Marcy and Tom Woods IV of Lincoln.

Joseph Vaughn Wright, son of Tina and Vaughn Wright of Beatrice.

Jacob James Max Zadalis, son of Michele and Dr. Robert Zadalis of Omaha.