The 122nd Aksarben Ball Royal Court Announced at Annual Brunch

By Kate Malott / World-Herald staff writer Aug 5, 2018 originally published via Omaha World Herald.

With a little more than two months before the 122nd Aksarben Ball, organizers hosted two events last week announcing this year's Royal Court.

The annual ball honors families who volunteer across the state of Nebraska and western Iowa.

The Royal Court Brunch official introduction was July 29 at CenturyLink Center and featured the Royal Court announcement by Aksarben Ball Prime Minister Jeffrey Taxman. The court includes Princesses, Escorts, Standard Bearers, Pages and Court of Honor.

Women's Ball Committee Chairman Christie Oberto and committee advisor Karen Nelsen greeted guests. Sheila Nelson served as Royal Court Brunch Chairman and Ellie Grace as Royal Court Brunch Assistant.

In attendance were 2017 King Gary Perkins and his wife, Carol Perkins; 2017 Queen Blair Kellner and her parents, Teresa and Kirk Kellner; and Aksarben Ball Committee Chairman Rob Reed.

Court of Honor inductees Thomas and Aileen Warren were at the brunch, and the inductee Jim Pillen was unable to attend.

A pre-announcement event for families of the Princesses and Escorts was July 28 at TD Ameritrade Park. It was hosted by the Women's Ball Committee, organized by the Royal Court Welcome Chair Judy Pritza.

The 122nd Aksarben Ball, scheduled Oct. 13 at CHI Health Center, celebrates volunteer contributions by members of the Royal Court and raises money for college scholarships awarded by the Aksarben Foundation.

This year's princesses are:

Sydney Elizabeth Armstrong, daughter of Lori and Will Armstrong of Grand Island
Alexa Noelle Barnhart, daughter of Danna and William Barnhart of Omaha
Olivia Anne Bradford, daughter of Danielle and Dana Bradford of Omaha
Claire Carson Bromm, daughter of Ronda and Randy Bromm of Tekamah
Meghan Renee Caldwell, daughter or Laurie and Daniel Caldwell of Papillion
Hannah Ann Caulkins, daughter of Carolyn and Dave Caulkins of Lincoln
Sophie Morrissey Clark, daughter of Melanie and Fred Clark of Omaha
Delaney Jean Coffelt, daughter of Pamela Beall Hill and Bryan Hill of Omaha
Haley Lynn Dannehl, daughter of Stephanie and Dave Dannehl of Bertrand
Sadie Rosemarie Denker, daughter of Julie and Lee Denker of Papillion
Carly Catherine Fehringer, daughter of Casey and Dr. Edward Fehringer of Omaha
Kristen Danielle Gonzales, daughter of Dawn and Paul Gonzales of Omaha
Lasha Desiree Goodwin, daughter of LaVonya and Daniel Goodwin Jr. of Omaha
Sara Maureen Greisch, daughter of Anne and James Greisch of Omaha
Briana Grace Hanley, daughter of Cindy and Peter Hanley of Omaha
Wallis Cathcart Harry, daughter of Christine and Robert Harry of Omaha
Charlotte Elaine Hedican, daughter of Cynthia and Christopher Hedican of Omaha
Juliann Papez Hellman, daughter of Dr. Courtney and Jason Hellman of Omaha
Jennifer Marie Hester, daughter of Theresa and Bob Guina of Plattsmouth
Alexa Camille Hord, daughter of Kimberly and Stacey Hord of Omaha
Madison Linn Huismann, daughter of Lisa and Jerry Huismann of Grand Island
Riley Ann Hunzeker, daughter of Fred Hunzeker of Omaha, and the late Teresa Hunzeker
Kaylee Rae Jessen, daughter of Brenda and Ron Jessen of Sidney
Caroline Anne Jetter, daughter of Anne and Matthew Jetter of Omaha
Abaigeal McIntyre Johnson, daughter of Colleen and Mitch Johnson of Omaha
Elisa Karen Kroeger, daughter of Jackie and Terry Kroeger of Omaha
Hayley Noel Krumweide, daughter of Lisa and Metthew Krumweide of Omaha
Clare Marie Leif, daughter of Lynn and Matthew Leif of York
Bryn Peck Lohrberg, daughter of Amy Peck and Dr. John Lohrberg of Waterloo
Molly Laurana Marie McNally, daughter of Heidi and Steven McNally of Norfolk
Bailey Anne Nihsen, daughter of Sarah and Dustin Nihsen of Omaha
Katherine Lorraine Pallesen, daughter of Kathleen and Michael Pallesen of Omaha
Annastasia Lynn Peterson, daughter of Martha and Daniel Peterson of Neola
Skylar Elizabeth Ricceri, daughter of Buffy and Tom Ricceri of Omaha
Allie Louise Richardson, daughter of Jane and Jeff Richardson of Grand Island
Francesca Arianna Rizzo, daughter of Anne and Dr. Matthew Rizzo of Omaha
Brynn Willow Robertson, daughter of Gail Werner-Robertson and Scott Robertson of Omaha
Nicole Justine Russell, daughter of Heather and John Russell of Omaha
Molly Ellen Cook Schiermeyer, daughter of Dr. Brenda and Bradford Schiermeyer of Fremont
Kelli Rachel Schilken, daughter of Jaymie and Michael Schilken of Omaha
Elizabeth Ann Schumacher, daughter of Ann and Mark Schumacher of Omaha
Gabrielle Elisabeth Simon, daughter of Kim and James Simon of Omaha
Clara Summers Stokes, daughter of Paige Duncan and Colonel Christopher Stokes of Lincoln
Mary Katherine Stuckey, daughter of Kelley and John Stuckey of Omaha
Johanna Lea Vasko, daughter of Jennifer and Theodore Vasko of Papillion
Olivia Isabel Vela, daughter of Jamie Gutierrez and Sergio Mora of Bellevue and Porfirio Vela of Omaha
Anna Suzaine Wilson, daughter of Dr. Cristin and Jessup Wilson of Valley
Olivia Rose Wood, daughter of Christi and Gary Wood of Omaha
Charlotte Elizabeth Wortmann, daughter of Cecilia and Thomas Wortmann of Waterloo

This year's standard bearers are:

Owen Joel Eddie, son of Amy and Dr. Matthew Epp and Joel Eddie
Emaan Noor Khan, daughter of Fatima and Farhan Khan
Josephine Kira Rutar, daughter of Jen and Chad Rutar
Brayden Robert Schuiteman, son of Deb and Todd Schuiteman

This year's pages are:

Molly Ann Addison, daughter of Megan and Tim Addison
Marley Quinn Atlas, daughter of Stacey and Brett Atlas
Peter George Ayoub, son of Nancy Falk and Dr. Joseph Ayoub
Carson Nicholas Bartlet, son of Jennifer and Duane Bartlet
Anna Marie Bartholomew, daughter of Jennie and Carl Bartholomew
Elizabeth Anne Benson, daughter of Jennifer Patten Benson and Timothy Benson
Harper Grace Bickford, daughter of Allison and Davin Bickford
Andrew Thomas Blair, son of Abby and Mark Blair
Olivia Anne Bryant, daughter of Erica and Aaron Bryant
Aven Renee Buda, daughter of Jennifer and Tony Buda
Cloie Ann Clark, daughter of Kerry and Timothy Clark
Collin Michael Degan, son of Jaime and Michael Degan
Louise Elizabeth Dietrich, daughter of Jill and Dr. Mark Dietrich
Grant Michael Dombrowski, son of Shannon and James Dombrowski
Charlotte Grace Dugger, daughter of Emily and Steven Dugger
Olivia Claire Enenbach, daughter of Dr. Laura and Matthew Enenbach
Emilia Ann Espejo, daughter of Laura and Tony Espejo
Maura Marsh Fay, daughter of Adrienne and Patrick Fay
Jacob Michael Feilmeier, son of Jessica and Dr. Michael Feilmeier
Soren Charles Frahm, son of Lexie and Shane Frahm
Lauren Elizabeth Hagstrom, daughter of Lisa Frey Hagstrom and Michael Hagstrom
Graham Floyd Harry, son of Kellie and William Harry
Lily Ann Hefflinger, daughter of Kim and Joe Hefflinger
Charlotte Rose Hegarty, daughter of Melissa and Doug Hegarty
Duncan Graham Henning, son of Paige Duncan and Dr. Jonathan Henning
Harrison Wesley Hite, son of Shannon and Dr. Joshua Hite
Molly Adare Horgan, daughter of Ashley and Clark Horgan
Barrett Sophia Houghton, daughter of Kelly and Dan Houghton
Charles Ramsay Jeffreys, son of Kelly and Jason Jeffreys
Henry Laughlin Jeffreys, son of Kelly and Jason Jeffreys
Katharine Grace Karnes, daughter of Kristine and Senator David Karnes
Nicholas Andrew Krehbiel, son of Kara and Dr. Kyle Krehbiel
Anthony James LaPuzza, son of Amanda and Mark LaPuzza
Chase Nelson Lewis, son of Kristin and Charles Lewis
William John Marshall, son of Andrea and John Marshall III
Ella Claire McMahon, daughter of Ashley and Dr. Matthew McMahon
Charles Bixby Oakes, son of Dr. Meghan and Thomas Oakes
Caroline Elizabeth Petsick, daughter of Adrienne and Joe Petsick
Charles Michael Potthoff, son of Dr. Meghan and Mike Potthoff
Reese Margaret Redding, daughter of Brittni and Chad Redding
Charlotte Kay Regan, daughter of Melissa and Patrick Regan
Thomas John-Lewis Rogers, son of Jill Thomsen and Michael Rogers
Davis Edward Schulte, son of Christine and Dr. Thomas Schulte
Camden Phillip Siner, son of Colette and Quinn Siner
Gavin Donald Siner, son of Colette and Quinn Siner
Clara Jean Stalnaker, daughter of Debra and John Stalnaker
Taylor Marcus Tauber, son of Kari and Brandon Tauber
Joseph Maximillian Vasko, son of Jennifer and Joseph Vasko
Charles Alexander Walenz, son of Dr. Elizabeth and Steven Walenz
Beau McCulloch Walker, son of Haley and Jamie Walker
Evelynne Rose Ward, daughter of Janelle and Dr. Brian Ward
Cicely Nadine Willis, daughter of Kristie and Sherman Willis
Alexander Lawrence Yale, son of Sarah and Adam Yale
Sidney Lynn Ziemba, daughter of Jamie and Jeff Ziemba