Monarch Title: Queen

1954 King and Queen

1954 Aksarben King and Queen Morris E. Jacobs Barbara Ann Loucks Berger

1953 Former Queens

Mrs. Jay Gibbs, left, herself Aksarben Queen (Emma Hoagland) in 1924, offers a spring 1953 suit for the “regal” inspection by Mmes. I.W. Carpenter Jr., Earl Sage and W.D. Hosford, Sr. They reigned in 1917, 1922 and 1905, respectively as the Misses Elizabeth Reed, Gertrude Stout and Mary Lee McShane.

1948 Queen

1948 Aksarben Queen Catherine Ann Coad Foley

1947 Queen

1947 Aksarben Queen Emily Reynolds Baker

1946 King and Queen

Aksarben King A.A. Lowman and Queen Mary Louise Campbell Doane surrounded by pages on Oct. 28, 1946, the first postwar coronation.

1941-1945 King and Queen

W.B. Miller Jr. and Alice Jeanette Meyer Davidson, Aksarben King and Queen 1941-1945.

1940 King and Queen

1940 Aksarben King W.M. Jeffers and Queen Gwendolyn Sachs Weaver

1938 Queen

1938 Aksarben queen Kathryn Horsford Hamilton

1934 Queen

1934 Queen Mary Lauer Cook

1933 Queen

1933 Queen Peggy Doorly Cowdery