Monarch Title: King

1962 King and Queen

1962 Aksarben A.F. Jacobson and Queen Kathleen Regan Hughes.

1961 King and Queen

1961 Aksarben King Leo A. Daly and Queen Constance Hale Cowdry

1959 King and Queen

1959 Aksarben King and Queen Peter Kiewit and Sharon Ellen Fogarty

1958 King and Queen

1958 Aksarben King Isaac W. Carpenter Jr. places a ring on the pinky finger of the Queen Carol Ann Swanson.

1957 Former Kings

Former Kings honor present Aksarben King Robert H. Storz in 1957. From left: E.C. Eppley, 1933; DeEmmett Bradshaw, 1935; Bert Murphy, 1936; W.O. Swanson, 1938; Ford Hovey, 1939; W.B. Millard Jr., 1941-1945; Leonard Hurtz, 1947; W.D. Lane, 1948; J. LeRoy Welsh, 1949; Mr. Storz; E.F. Petis, 1950; Harry B. Coffee, 1952; Clarence L. Landen, 1953;… Read more »

1957 King and Queen

1957 Aksarben King and Queen Robert H. Storz and Jann Walker Thomas

1956 King and Queen

1956 Aksarben King and Queen Ellsworth Moser and Sally Jane Skutt Desmond

1955 King

1955 Aksarben King Milo Bail

1954 King and Queen

1954 Aksarben King and Queen Morris E. Jacobs Barbara Ann Loucks Berger

1953 King

1953 Aksarben King Clarence L. Landen