Monarch Title: King and Queen

2004 King and Queen

2004 Aksarben King Richard K. Davidson gives ring to Queen Jennifer Paige Dinsdale Ritter

2003 King and Queen

Kenneth E. Stinson, 2003 Aksarben King, crowns his Queen, Kathryn Graham Hawkins Anderson

2002 King and Queen

Ashley Mackintosh, 2002 Aksarben Queen, and John Nelson, 2002 Aksarben King

1998 King and Queen

Sarah Bay Yale, 1998 Aksarben Queen, and Dr. James O. Armitage, 1998 Aksarben King

1991 King and Queen

Mary Elizabeth Yanney King Eugene Mahoney, 1991 Aksarben King and Queen

1974 King and Queen

1974 Aksarben Queen Patricia Ann Delephant and King Nick T. Newberry Dance

1971 King and Queen

1971 Aksarben King John F. Davis and Queen Nancy Nurnberger Brosamle

1969 King and Queen

1969 Aksarben Queen Anne Matthews Weitz and King Edward W. Lyman

1966 King and Queen

1966 Aksarben King Morris F. Miller and Queen Mary Helen Durham Lundgren

1965 King and Queen

1965 Aksarben King Dr. C.W. McLaughin Jr. and Queen Jean Creighton Bell