Monarch Title: King and Queen

2017 King and Queen

Gary Perkins and Blair Kellner have been crowned King and Queen of Aksarben at the 121st annual Coronation Ball.

2016 Aksarben King and Queen

Aksarben Queen Elizabeth Kaitlyn Fitzgerald and King Ken Bird were crowned at the Aksarben Coronation & Scholarship Ball on Saturday, Oct. 15, 2016

2015 King and Queen

Jack Koraleski, 2015 Aksarben King, and Molly Kroeger, 2015 Aksarben Queen

2012 King and Queen

J. Robert Duncan, 2012 Aksarben King, and Afton M. Robertson, 2012 Aksarben Queen

2011 King and Queen

Deryl F. Hamann, 2011 Aksarben King, and Mary Catherine Landen, 2011 Aksarben Queen

2009 King and Queen

2009 Aksarben Queen Allison G. Conley and King Dr. Lee G. Simmons

2008 King and Queen

2008 Aksarben King Rev. John P. Schlegel, and Queen Alyssa Michele Grewcock

2007 King and Queen

2007 Aksarben King Dr. Thomas W. Osborne crowns Queen Halley Acklie Ostergard Kruse

2006 King and Queen

2006 Aksarben King Rober D. Bates escorts Queen Alison Langdon Dobleman

2005 King and Queen

2005 Aksarben King Dr.  Harold M. Maurer crowns his Queen, Elizabeth K. Diesing, with Archbishop Robert Ramer (left), and Prime Minister Jeffrey Taxman assisting.