How to Apply for Nebraska Farm Family Awards

The Aksarben Foundation began honoring Nebraska Farm Families in the 1960’s. As one of our legacy initiatives, we recognize the generations of farmers that have kept our nation, and our world, fed for centuries. This is in conjunction with the Nebraska Farm Bureau and the Nebraska Fair Board Managers. Each year, the deadline to apply is April 15.

The two requirements to qualify for an award are as follows: The farm must have been owned by the same family for 100 years (Pioneer Award) or 150 years (Heritage Award), and there must be a minimum of 40 acres that continues to operate as a farm or ranch.

Here is how the process works: 1. Families will apply on our website: farm-family-awards/ It is possible to mail in a physical copy of the application, which are also found on our website, but online applications are much preferred.

  1. Once the deadline passes on April 15, all applications are compiled and dispersed to the counties to vet and approve. Families may be contacted for clarification if they did not provide enough documentation on their applications.
  2. The county sends approval of the application(s).
  3. The family is contacted to confirm their name is spelled correctly before the plaque and gatepost markers are printed and shipped.
  4. The county will reach out to the family to communicate the date & time of the Farm Family presentation.

The students at Arnold Public Schools are responsible for making these beautiful plaques and gatepost markers! The Aksarben Foundation pays for each family to have one plaque and gatepost marker.