Brinegar Farm began in 1918 – Hebron Journal Register

This year’s Pioneer Farm Family Award from the Aksarben Foundation in partnership with Nebraska Farm Bureau and Nebraska Association of Fair Managers went to the Brinegar Family Farm for 100 years of land ownership. The award was presented by Kurtis Elting, secretary of the Thayer County Agricultural Society.

The farm was purchased in March of 1918 by William and Edna Brinegar and located just west of Carleton. Edna Brinegar was happy to have a home large enough to raise 12 children. Milford was three years old when the farm was purchased.

In 1937, Milford married Doris and they continued farming with his father. Milford and Doris purchased the farm in 1952 and raised their four children.

Gary and Jeanelle married in 1961 and moved to the farm to raise their four children. The farm was incorporated in 1974, and became Brinegar and Son, Inc., with Gary and Jeanelle as partial owners.

Stewart and Kristen wed in 1993 and started farming. Ownership for Stewart and Kristen began in 2004. Son Dietrich and his wife, Erika began farming in 2021. They are the fifth generation to farm the ground.

Jeanelle still resides in the original home, built in 1889, where Gary had lived his entire life. He passed in 2014. Recently, Jeanelle was able to host all 45 members of the Brinegar family for a fun weekend of food, games, photos and making memories.