Aksarben Royal Court 2021

Embodying the Spirit of Aksarben through their volunteerism, dedication and perseverance to the Good Life, the families being honored at the 2021 Aksarben Ball have been announced.

The official introduction of the Royal Court was held Saturday, July 24, 2021, at the CHI Health Center. This tradition announced the 2020 and 2021 Princesses, Escorts, Standard Bearers, Pages and Court of Honor. Pages and Standard Bearers were introduced in the morning during the Royal Court Brunch and Princesses, Escorts and Court of Honor members were introduced in the evening during the Royal Court Welcome dinner. This year’s Royal Court will be the largest in Aksarben Ball history.

Laura Enenbach, Women’s Ball Committee Chairman, and Sam Hohman, Women’s Ball Committee Advisor, greeted guests at each event. Jill Goldstein served as Royal Court Brunch Chair, with Lori Kleinschmit serving as Royal Court Brunch Assistant. Susie Shoemaker served as Royal Court Welcome Chair, with Carol Wang serving as Royal Court Welcome Assistant.

Also in attendance were Aksarben Foundation President, Sandra Reding, Aksarben Ball Committee Chairman Tyler Owen and Vice Chair Jamie Gutierrez; and 2021 Court of Honor inductees Rachel Jacobson and Ivan Gilreath. Court of Honor inductee Henry Davis was unable to attend the dinner.

Jeffrey Taxman, longtime Prime Minister of the Aksarben Ball, announced the Royal Court at each event.

2020 & 2021 Royal Courts

Standard Bearers
Aden Hughes Fisher, son of Dr. Angela and Jason Fisher and Tracy Fisher
Payton Elaine Gocken, daughter of Desri and Ryan Gocken
Norah Renee Hicks, daughter of Nicole Brown and Cecil Hicks, Jr.
Carson William Kelley, son of Nicole and Richard Kelley, Jr.
Bridget Cecelia Russell, daughter of Kathleen and James Russell
Mynor Joseph Strong, son of Dr. Sheritta and Damon Strong
Brea Elon Thomas, daughter of Captain Sherie and Barry Thomas
Ainsley Elizabeth Van Deun, daughter of Jona and Bryan Van Deun

Girl Pages
Eleanor Tobin Arnold, daughter of Tara and Dr. Ryan Arnold
Ava Marie Bartelt, daughter of Jen and Duane Bartelt
Ryan Christyne Bickford, daughter of Allison and Davin Bickford
Sadie Leigh Bradford, daughter of Cassie and Jonathan Bradford
Eloise Henning Breunsbach, daughter of Elizabeth and Matthew Breunsbach
Nora Grace Bryant, daughter of Erica and Aaron Bryant
Anabelle Marie Burroughs, daughter of Dr. Karissa and Justin Burroughs
Eleanor Margaret Cintani, daughter of Jennifer and Brian Cintani
Charlotte Jane Cline, daughter of Kristen and Geoffrey Cline
Nella Alise Dieckman, daughter of Ashley and Taylor Dieckman
Lucy Jane Dugger, daughter of Emily and Steven Dugger
Clare Catherine Fay, daughter of Adrienne and Pat Fay
Greta Anne Feinstein, daughter of Jessie and Jamie Feinstein
Pippa Fae Firestone, daughter of Chloe and Dr. Daniel Firestone
Lucy Annabelle Glathar, daughter of Lisa and Dr. Matt Glathar
Callie Grace Guenzel, daughter of Cindy and C.J. Guenzel IV
Maryn Jacquelyn Gunderson, daughter of Michelle Hagge-Gunderson and Matthew Gunderson
Margaret Catherine Hope, daughter of Meghan and Justin Hope
Ella Kate Houghton, daughter of Kelly and Dan Houghton
Matilda Mae Janulewicz, daughter of Lindi and Daniel Janulewicz
Charlotte Hillary Johnson, daughter of Alison and J.R. Johnson
Naomi Aviela Kaniewski, daughter of Patricia and Stephen Kaniewski
Alexandra Marion Karnes, daughter of Kristine and the late Senator David Karnes
Caitlyn  Marie Lehan, daughter of Lisa and Chris Lehan
Elizabeth Ann Marshall, daughter of Andrea and John Marshall III
Lilly Annabel McMahon, daughter of Ashley and Dr. Matthew McMahon
Makenli Savanna McMorris, daughter of Makayla and Kenny McMorris
Sloane J. Muhleisen, daughter of Britta and Jacob Muhleisen
Azlynn Grace Nihsen, daughter of Sarah and Dustin Nihsen
Sofia Isabel Norton-Cisneros, daughter of Adriana Cisneros Basulto and Joshua Norton
Avery Anne Ostergard, daughter of Amanda and Winston Ostergard
Elizabeth Susan Parker, daughter of Kate and Daniel Parker
Grace Marie Plooster, daughter of Natasha and Matthew Plooster
Brooke Anne Pogge, daughter of Erin and Joseph Pogge
Italia Elia Sanchez Ramos, daughter of Dr. Athena Ramos and Jose Sanchez Sedano
Ella Hovig Reynolds, daughter of Nikki and Benjamin Reynolds
Violet Grace Ritter, daughter of Paige and Brian Ritter
Lydia Marie Siner, daughter of Colette and Quinn Siner
Lucy Mae Stevenson, daughter of Hillary and Andrew Stevenson
Emma Renee Tierney, daughter of Kelli and Dr. Brent Tierney
Olivia Eire Turner, daughter of Carly Turner and Patrick Turner
Sofia Jane Vaccaro, daughter of Cindy and Dominic Vaccaro
Annabella Marie Volpone, daughter of Sarah and Guinio Volpone
Edith Louise Welsh, daughter of Angela and Christopher Welsh
Emily Mae Zabrowski, daughter of Molly and Ryan Zabrowski

Boy Pages
Connor Frederick Anderson, son of Kathryn and David Anderson
Graham David Anderson, son of Kathryn and David Anderson
Edward Xavier Boone, son of Beth and Charlie Boone, Jr.
Peyton Eric Chandler, son of Chaley and Eric Chandler
Graham Timothy Dinsdale, son of Sheena and Matthew Dinsdale
Barrett  Kelley Dittenber, son of Alicia and Jon Dittenber
Declan James Dugger, son of Jessica and Jacob Dugger
Nicholas Thomas Feilmeier, son of Jessica and Dr. Michael Feilmeier
Quinn Christopher Fitzpatrick, son of Brooke and Jeremy Fitzpatrick
Andrew Joseph Gard, son of Amber and Dr. Andrew Gard
William Anderson Glathar, son of Lisa and Dr. Matt Glathar
Ryker Knox Grace, son of Ellie and Ryan Grace
Ian John Grier, son of Dr. Katie and Mike Grier
William Gregory Grosshans, son of Katie and Dr. Kevin Grosshans
Adrian Fernando Gutierrez, son of Alison and Fernando Gutierrez
Alexander Carlos Gutierrez, son of Alison and Fernando Gutierrez
Maxwell Stephen Halbkat, son of Lindsay Lundholm and Christopher Halbkat
Wesley Jonathan Halbkat, son of Lindsay Lundholm and Christopher Halbkat
Ambrose Francis Harr, son of Jennifer and the Hon. Burke Harr
Lincoln Mac Hite, son of Shannon and Dr. Joshua Hite
William Charles Horgan, son of Ashley and Robert Clark Horgan
George Lawrence Huse, son of Sara and Patrick Huse
Davis Andrew Lauritzen, son of Emily and Clark Lauritzen
August Michael Lee, son of Micayla and Philip Lee
William Thomas Macdissi, son of Sarah and Dr. Anthony Macdissi
Cole William Mackintosh, son of Dr. Regan and Michael Mackintosh
Aidan Michael Maguire, son of Molly Maguire and William Honke
William Edward Maguire, son of Molly Maguire and William Honke
William Walter Muhs, son of Regan and Gary Muhs, Jr.
Louis Henry Pape, son of Kimberly and Matthew Pape
Lawson Joseph Patton, son of Kris and Robert Patton
Theodore Presley Plooster, son of Natasha and Matthew Plooster
Isaac George Russell, son of Sarah and Mark Russell
Von Phoenix Stottle, son of Angel and Dr. Matthew Stottle
Miles Austin Sudbeck, son of Becca and Rory Sudbeck
Edward Alexander Vasko, son of Jennifer and Joseph Vasko
Reid Jacobsen Walker, son of Haley and Jamie Walker
Beau Charles Watson, son of Christine Watson and Adam Watson
Eli Emerson Wolf, son of Angela and Alexander Wolf
Cole Michael Ziemba, son of Jamie and Jeffrey Ziemba

Camille Kendall Anderson, daughter of Natalie and Rob Anderson -- Lexington
Samantha Ann Armstrong, daughter of Lori and Will Armstrong -- Grand Island
Emelia Alyson Aufdenkamp, daughter of Sherry and Jonathan Aufdenkamp -- O'Neill
Taylor Rose Ball, daughter of Christina and John Ball -- Lincoln
Elizabeth Grace Bekins, daughter of Angie and John Bekins -- Omaha
Karissa Amanda Boesiger, daughter of Cori and Wayne Boesiger -- Lincoln
Anna Susan Boggust, daughter of Paula and Matt Boggust -- Omaha
Cassandra Jean Burkhalter, daughter of Kim and Kurt Burkhalter -- Omaha
Nicole Marie Campbell, daughter of Janet and Charles Campbell -- Omaha
Ana Cristina Chavez, daughter of Tami and Troy Ledger of Elkhorn and Bart Chavez of Phoenix, Arizona
Emily Rae Downs, daughter of Valerie and Ryan Downs -- Springfield
Lauren Elizabeth Downs, daughter of Valerie and Ryan Downs -- Springfield
Emelia Ann English, daughter of Sally and Rick English -- Omaha
Emma Grace Farhart, daughter of Lynette Farhart and step-father William Alford of Papillion and the late James Farhart -- Papillion
Lauren  Anne Frankforter, daughter of Deanna and Dr. Scott Frankforter -- Grand Island
Quinn Augusta Fricke, daughter of Karen and Robert Fricke -- Ashland
Erin Patricia Goaley, daughter of Nicole Brundo and Darren Goaley -- Omaha
Katelyn Janae Gonzales, daughter of Dawn and Paul Gonzales -- Omaha
Lauren  Elizabeth Greiner, daughter of Beth and Curt Greiner -- Papillion
Mallory Michelle Grote, daughter of Shelly and Gary Grote -- Omaha
Madeline Bartlett Halgren, daughter of Dr. Victoria and Dr. John Halgren -- Omaha
Eleanor Averil Bayer Hansen, daughter of The Hon. Stephanie and Jeffrey Hansen -- Omaha
Megan Nicole Hanson, daughter of Janice Koukol and J. Kirk Hanson, -- Omaha
Anna Mackenzie Harris, daughter of Jessica and Gregory Harris -- Omaha
Katelynn Marie Harris, daughter of Rhonda and Dr. John Harris -- Bellevue
Samantha Monaco Hasebroock, daughter of Jane and Mark Hasebroock -- Omaha
Ashly Jordyn Helfrich, daughter of Mindy and Rick Helfrich -- Bennington
Eleanor Sheen Hellman, daughter of Dr. Courtney and Jason Hellman -- Omaha
Audra Nicole Heyne, daughter of Nancy and retired U.S. Navy CAPT. Todd Heyne -- Lincoln
Lillian Maeve Hoy, daughter of Dr. Shannon and Dr. David Hoy -- Omaha
Madeleine Sophie Jacobitz, daughter of Lilian and Andy Jacobitz -- Omaha
Hanna Frances Jesske, daughter of Tammy and Dr. Jay Jesske -- Omaha
Justine Elisabeth Johnson, daughter of Julie and Brian Johnson -- Holdrege
Ruby Kay Kenney, daughter of Julie and Steve Kenney -- Omaha
Regan Lynn Kolbo, daughter of Shaylene and Michael Smith of Crete and Rick and Nikki Kolbo of Lincoln
Reghan Rochelle Kort, daughter of Shelly and Brian Kort -- Grand Island
Katharine Anne LeFebvre, daughter of Nancy Falk of Omaha and Marc LeFebvre of Boulder, Colorado
Rehn Lorelle Loftus, daughter of Eric and Margret Loftus -- Lincoln
Kelsey Ann Loseke, daughter of Kari and Kurt Loseke -- Blair
Kristen Elisabeth Loudon, daughter of Anne and Andrew Loudon -- Lincoln
Cara Marie Maynard, daughter of Patricia and Royce Maynard -- Omaha
Haley Anne Mick, daughter of Kelly and Bryan Mick -- Elkhorn
Tatum Layne Christensen Morris, daughter of Brenda Christensen and Michael Morris -- Omaha
Taylor Ann O'Malley, daughter of Patty and Kevin O'Malley -- Omaha
Jordan Elisabeth Otterberg, daughter of Liz and Dr. Erik Otterberg -- Elkhorn
Josephine Ann Otto, daughter of Aimee and Richard Otto -- Alliance
Athena Stavroula Patsalis, daughter of Stephanie Patsalis and Dr. Paul Patsalis -- Omaha
Abigail Marie Peterson, daughter of Amy and Todd Peterson -- Lincoln
Allison Juel Pritza, daughter of Sarah and Dr. Ronald Pritza -- Omaha
Natalie Jeanne Raimondo, daughter of Mary and Phil Raimondo -- Columbus
Madison Nicole Scott, daughter of Lori and David Scott -- Omaha
Emma Claire Shoemaker, daughter of Susie and Brian Shoemaker -- Omaha
Ellie Paige Simon, daughter of Stacy and the late Bruce Simon – Omaha
Sarah Grace Smith, daughter of Beth and Clay Smith -- Lincoln
Tejlor Gretchen Strope, daughter of MaLaine and Boyd Strope -- O'Neill
Ann Lauren Sullivan, daughter of Kathy and Patrick Sullivan -- Bellevue
Samantha Frances Sullivan, daughter of Louri Sullivan and Charles Sullivan – Omaha
Madelyn Theodora Swanstrom, daughter of Courtenay and Steve Swanstrom -- Valley
Courtney Elizabeth Tompkins, daughter of Deborah and Eric Tompkins -- Omaha
Sofia Marguerite Vela, daughter of Jamie Gutierrez of Bellevue and Porfirio Vela of Omaha
Rachel Blaisdell Walet, daughter of Jennifer Walet and C. Taylor Walet III -- Omaha
Danyelle Marie Walsh, daughter of Julie DiBaise of Elkhorn and Michael Walsh of Omaha
Isabelle Anne Marie Walz, daughter of Patricia and Theodore Walz -- Omaha
Grace Ellen Wickham, daughter of Traci and Sean Wickham -- Columbus
Sydney Marie Wilson, daughter of Melissa and Derek Wilson -- Grant
Amelia Mary Wood, daughter of Christine and Gary Wood -- Omaha
Morgan Patricia Zuerlein, daughter of Christina LaFever of Elkhorn and Brian Zuerlein of Omaha

Chase Walker Albers, son of Ann and Jeffry Albers – Wisner
Cameron Rhodes Blossom, son of Tammy and Andrew Blossom -- Omaha
Jack Michael Bydalek, son of Jill and Michael Bydalek -- Omaha
Joseph Ryan Caldwell, son of Laurie and Dan Caldwell -- Papillion
Caleb John Cover, son of Joni and Dr. Michael Cover -- Lincoln
Nolan Allyn Dillon, son of Tanya and Blake Dillon -- Fremont
Nicholas Ronald Dolezal, son of Linda and Dr. Ronald Dolezal -- Columbus
Charles Boniface Doll, son of Liz and Scott Doll -- Council Bluffs
Jackson McKay Dunning, son of Lisa and Tony Dunning -- Council Bluffs
Callaghan Thomas Foley, son of Tamara and Thomas Foley -- Omaha
Gavin Robert Grabill, son of Kate and Brad Grabill -- Omaha
Alec Parker Gravelle, son of Lisa and Matthew Gravelle -- Omaha
William Kent Grisham Jr., son of Tracey and Kent Grisham of Omaha and the late Suzanne Grisham
Joshua Michael Harris, son of Rhonda and Dr. John Harris -- Bellevue
Jack Duncan Harry, son of Christine and Bob Harry, Jr. – Omaha
Adam Royce Hedican, son of Cynthia and Christopher Hedican -- Omaha
Bennett Madson Hellman, son of Dr. Courtney and Jason Hellman -- Omaha
Hudson Daniel Hohman, son of Sam and David Hohman -- Omaha
Charles Elston Horning, son of Cynthia and Tyler Horning -- Omaha
Alexander James Hrnicek, son of Tracie Spoeneman Hrnicek and Dr. Matthew Hrnicek -- Lincoln
Peter William Krenzer, son of Dr. Kari and Douglas Krenzer -- Omaha
Matthew Robert Krumwiede, son of Lisa and Matt Krumwiede -- Omaha
Cody Gary Lambrecht, son of Sarah and Gary Lambrecht -- Kennard
Graham Patrick Laughlin, son of Dr. Theresa and Mark Laughlin -- Omaha
Brian Michael Leiferman Jr., son of Carla Goerish and Brian Leiferman of Omaha and the late Cindy Leiferman
Chad Raymond Lemke, son of Sandy and Todd Lemke -- Papillion
Jackson Benjamin McGowan, son of Sarah and Christopher McGowan -- Omaha
Noah Christian Mick, son of Kelly and Bryan Mick – Elkhorn
Richard Joseph Moffat II, son of Toody and Dr. Kody Moffatt -- Omaha
Emmanuel Dominique Mora, son of Martha and Lionel Mora -- Bellevue
Omar Octavio Mora, son of Alma Mora and Hector Salgado -- Bellevue
Noah Alan Moreano, son of Rachael and Kenneth Moreano -- Omaha
Alex Christian Nelson, son of Jenny and Dr. Scott Nelson -- Omaha
Alexander Scott Nielsen, son of Susan and Douglas Nielsen -- Omaha
Ryan Charles Obrecht, son of Sherri and Darren Obrecht -- Omaha
James Thomas Olsen, son of Elizabeth and Michael Cassling of Omaha and Jamie and Thomas Olsen -- Omaha
Aidon Glen Perlinger, son of Debby and Mark Perlinger -- Paxton
Bennett Geoffrey Perlinger, son of Debby and Mark Perlinger -- Paxton
Jackson Henry Pflug, son of Nancy and Dr. John Pflug -- Omaha
Christopher Gerald Pritza, son of Judy and Dr. Randy Pritza -- Omaha
Joseph  Francis  Raun, son of Teresa and Chris Raun -- Lincoln
Galen Connor Root, son of Kimberly and Terence Root -- Omaha
Lukmaan Sattar, son of Fatima Basith and Dr. Syed Pirzada Sattar -- Omaha
Matthew Norris Semin, son of Brenda and Dr. Shawn Semin – Lincoln
Jakob Robert Smith, son of Sandra and Dan Koch, Jr. -- Omaha
Will Orion Spinar, son of Dr. Anne Perlman and David Spinar – Lincoln
Tanner William Staab, son of Jill and David Staab -- Grand Island
Camden Alexander Stewart, son of Marc and Kimberley Kaschke – Elkhorn
Emmet Paul Storer, son of Tanya and Eric Storer -- Whitman
Colton Matthew Thompson, son of Melissa and T. Tucker Thompson -- Eustis
Will Spencer Turman, son of Shelly and Dr. Paul Turman -- Lincoln
John Colin Vovk, son of Dr. Patricia Helke and Paul Vovk -- Omaha
Zane Yuki Watanabe, son of Joy and Gordon Watanabe -- Omaha
David Luke Watson, son of Wendy and Col Eric Paulson and Jim Watson -- Langley AFB
Tyler Anthony White-Welchen, son of Tiffany White-Welchen and Tony Welchen -- Omaha
Jake Ryan Wilson, son of Beth and Tim Wilson -- Omaha
William Jacob Wilson, son of Mary and Jeffrey Wilson -- Omaha
Daniel George Woodward, son of Christine Reilly and Brian Reilly and Jody and Michael Woodward – Omaha
Ryan Wortmann, son of Cecilia and Tom Wortmann -- Waterloo