2023 Pages of Aksarben

Andi Grace Blumkin
Andi is the daughter of Amanda and Ryan Blumkin

Caroline Canning
Caroline is the daughter of Lyndsey and Kyle Canning

Louisa Ramona Clayton
Louisa is the daughter of Justina Georgesen and Daniel Clayton

Audrey Katherine Conway
Audrey is the daughter of Jill and Sean Conway

Stella Evangeline Darling
Stella is the daughter of Dr. Melissa and Kyle Darling

Vivienne James DuBois
Vivienne is the daughter of Ashley and Marc DuBois

Elle Frances Dudzinski
Elle is the daughter of Britt and Dr. Jordan Dudzinski

Adalyn Marie Dugger
Adalyn is the daughter of Jessica and Jacob Dugger

Ellison Jane Edick
Ellison is the daughter of Molly and Parker Edick

Chloe Evans Epstein
Chloe is the daughter of Carrie and Cory Epstein

Claire Elizabeth Gard
Claire is the daughter of Amber and Dr. Andrew Gard

Kelly Marie Gard
Kelly is the daughter of Elizabeth and Daniel Gard

Amelia Quinn Graham
Amelia is the daughter of Katherine Hug and Benjamin Taxman and Nathan Graham

Rosalee Jane Harbison
Rosalee is the daughter of Ashley and Dr. John Harbison

Elizabeth Morrow Horn
Elizabeth is the daughter of Megan and Gavin Horn

Charlotte Rose Hudson
Charlotte is the daughter of Brook and Nicholas Hudson

Eva Frances Johnson
Eva is the daughter of Alison and J.R. Johnson

Clare Elizabeth Langan
Claire is the daughter of Elizabeth and Timothy Langan

Amelia Galaske Lozier
Amelia is the daughter of Collette and Andrew Lozier

Mary Margaret Jean McMannama
Mary is the daughter of Kelly and John McMannama III

Myla Margaret Meysenburg
Myla is the daughter of Rachel Richards and Michael Meysenburg

Anna Sue Pasternak
Anna is the daughter of Dr. Jeana and Anthony Pasternak

Lydia Faith Ritter
Lydia is the daughter of Paige and Brian Ritter

Lucille MaryKay Rush
Lucille is the daughter of Melissa and Terrence Rush

Emily Elizabeth Schellpeper
Emily is the daughter of Amie and F. William Schellpeper III

Sophy Reed Silverstein
Sophy is the daughter of Allyson Freeman and Geoffrey Silverstein

Juliette Noelle Siner
Juliette is the daughter of Colette and Quinn Siner

Stella Rachel Vrbicky
Stella is the daughter of Keeli and Michael Vrbicky

Lyra Rae Wang
Lyra is the daughter of Jen Rae and Major Alan Wang

Merritt LaNelle Wegner
Merritt is the daughter of Jessica and Devon Wegner

Lillie James Wells
Lillie is the daughter of Emilie and Eric Wells

Ryan Thomas Alloway
Ryan is the son of Jennifer and Mitch Alloway

Abram John Talton Anderson
Abram is the son of Krista and Mickey Anderson

Kade Daniel Arganbright
Kade is the son of Danielle and Kurt Arganbright

Connor Philip Armstrong
Connor is the son of Haley and Michael Armstrong

Grayson Charles Banister
Grayson is the son of Bethany and Adam Banister

Luke Michael Benson
Luke is the son of Jennifer and Timothy Benson

Luke Wells Bogatz
Luke is the son of Lora and Timothy Bogatz

Colton Gooch Bradford
Colton is the son of Kathleen and Jonathan Bradford

Samuel David Friedland
Samuel is the son of Jamie and Ted Friedland

Max Patrick German
Max is the son of Annie and Henry German

Henry Charles Harrington
Henry is the son of Catherine and Alex Harrington

Kenneth Michael Hawkins III
Kenneth is the son of Amy and Kenneth Hawkins Jr.

Henry Walter Hays
Henry is the son of Rachel and Brandon Hays

Corbin James Hempel
Corbin is the son of Angie and Dr. Michael Hempel

George Joseph Hite
George is the son of Shannon and Dr. Joshua Hite

Baron Michael Hoch
Baron is the son of Megan and Michael Hoch

Colin Mackintosh Horgan
Colin is the son of Ashley and Clark Horgan

Nathaniel Robert Jaksha
Nathaniel is the son of Jessica and Dr. Matthew Jaksha

George Arnold Kerschke
George is the son of Taylor and Steve Kerschke

Bowlman Ronnow Lauritzen
Bowlman is the son of Emily and Clark Lauritzen

Benjamin Robert Lopez
Benjamin is the son of Sarah and David Lopez

Theodore Stanton McBride
Theodore is the son of Alexandria and Ian McBride

John Francis Mello
John is the son of Catherine and Heath Mello

Alexander Finn Norton-Cisneros
Alexander is the son of Adriana Cisneros Basulto and Josh Norton

Owen Charles Patterson
Owen is the son of Stacey and Roy Patterson

Garrett James Peterson
Garrett is the son of Jordan and Michael Peterson

Harrison Frederick Pillen
Harrison is the son of Sarah and Brock Pillen

Henry James Pillen
Henry is the son of Sarah and Brock Pillen

Beckett Edward Potter
Beckett is the son of Tyeler and Zachery Potter

Leo Anthony Raimondo
Leo is the son of Sharon and Anthony Raimondo Jr.

Henry Cortland Ruf
Henry is the son of Libby and Darin Ruf

Everett Dean Schrager
Everett is the son of Carissa and Tony Schrager

Porter Finn Schulte
Porter is the son of Christine and Dr. Thomas Schulte

Samuel Becker Stoller
Samuel is the son of Sara and Asher Stoller

Jack James Strawhecker
Jack is the son of Michelle and Nick Strawhecker

Thomas Judson Triplett
Thomas is the son of Kathryn and Adam Triplett

Grayson Thomas Wolf
Grayson is the son of Angela and Alexander Wolf