Championing Nebraska and
Our #1 Industry


Connect Nebraska’s sustainably produced commodities with growing global-market demand.


Markets recognize Nebraska as the most sustainable ag-supply chain in the world.

Aksarben’s Full Value Ag, Powered by Aksarben, is an initiative focused on helping farmers, ranchers and feeders grow, profit and obtain a competitive advantage by connecting their stewardship and continuously improving production practices to market demand for new agricultural-supply chains. The Aksarben Foundation plays a critical role in bringing together the producers, methods, technologies, infrastructure and marketing expertise that are needed to cultivate a new value proposition for existing agriculture in Nebraska.

Overarching Goals

• To ensure efficient, sustainable producers are paid for the work they’re already doing and the improvements they’re likely to implement in order to stay competitive.

• To build a body of evidence and data that establishes Nebraska’s practices and performance as prevailing industry standards.

The Power Of Sustainable Ag

Sustainable agriculture is the biggest opportunity for Nebraska’s overall economy. Our producers’ innovative and environmentally sound practices place them at the forefront of global efforts in stewardship of the land, water, and livestock herds. Nebraska farmers, ranchers, and feeders have competed on yield and quality since the founding of our state. The Aksarben Foundation’s Full Value Ag initiative aims to see them also be paid for the sustainable methods and practices by which they produce crops and livestock.

Strength In Numbers

To build leverage in the broader markets, producers need to be able to aggregate their harvests and livestock into large inventories scored for performance attributes gaining value in supply chains.




Model I
Build inventories to which
markets can respond

Collaborate with many producers to consolidate local herds and crops into commercially viable inventories.

Aggregate verified claims for collective inventory.

Engage processors willing to contract at premium prices or distributors paying producers directly for their crops and livestock.

Deliver inventory with supporting evidence of claims verified as the processor or distributor agreed to.
Repeat with additional producers, processors and distributors.

Model II
Target existing market demands
with existing inventories

Identify processor demands from sustainably produced crops and livestock that are presently unmet.

Recruit sufficient number of producers to build commercial-scale inventories.

Match collective inventories to processor demand and begatiate premium payments to producers.

Deliver inventory with sufficient evidence of claims as processor requires.

Support processors, distributors and retailers to expand market demand.




Greenhouse Gas Emissions Study

In “Climate Neutrality for Nebraska Agriculture: Benchmarking Current Emissions,” Blonk Consultants NL conducted a lifecycle assessment of greenhouse gas emissions for production agriculture in Nebraska. Read their findings and proposals for further reductions of greenhouse gas emissions.