Full Value Ag

The Aksarben Foundation’s new Full Value Ag (FVA) initiative helps
Nebraska farmers, ranchers, and feeders grow profit and competitive
advantage by connecting their stewardship and continuously improved production practices to market demand for new agricultural supply chains.


The Full Value Ag initiative extends Aksarben Foundation’s mission to make Nebraska a better place to work and live. Nebraska’s ag industry has long competed on quality and yield, even while implementing advanced methods of production that make it the most sustainably produced ag supply chain in the world.

Full Value Agriculture pursues two over-arching goals:

  • Assist efficient, sustainable producers to be paid for the work they’re already doing and the improvements they’re likely to implement in order to stay competitive.
  • Build a body of evidence and data that establishes Nebraska’s practices and performance as prevailing industry standards

Aksarben’s Full Value Agricultural Initiative brings together the producers, methods, technologies, infrastructure, and marketing expertise to realize these objectives.

When farmers, ranchers and feeders are paid for quality, yield and their methods of production, that’s Full Value Agriculture.

In “Climate Neutrality for Nebraska Agriculture: Benchmarking Current Emissions”, Blonk Consultants NL conducted a lifecycle assessment of greenhouse gas emissions for production agriculture in Nebraska. Read their findings and proposals for further reductions of greenhouse gas emissions.