Court of Honor

The Court of Honor, established in 1988, is one of the Foundation’s most prestigious awards. The recognition is given annually to individuals who have excelled in one of the following categories: Agriculture, Arts, Business and Industry, Community Service, Education, Philanthropy, Professions, Public Service, Sports or Youth.

Aksarben Announces the 2024 Court of Honor Inductees

Court of Honor to be Celebrated at the 129th Aksarben Ball on October 19, 2024

OMAHA, NE (May 2, 2024) The Aksarben Foundation is proud to announce the 2024 Aksarben Court of Honor to celebrate individuals and families who have left a profound impact on the state of Nebraska through one of 10 categories that include: agriculture, arts, business and industry, community service, education, philanthropy, professions, public service, sports or service to youth. The Court of Honor award, established in 1988, is one of the oldest and most prestigious awards awarded by The Aksarben Foundation.

“It is with great pleasure that Aksarben honors these deserving leaders whose efforts have made a significant difference in our communities,” said Chaley Chandler, 2024 Women’s Ball Committee Chairman. “The Aksarben Foundation continues to recognize incredible citizens and we are proud to announce the 2024 Court of Honor.”

The Aksarben Ball Committee is proud to announce the 2024 Aksarben Court of Honor inductees:

Dr. Shashi Bhatia and Dr. Subhash Bhatia have made their mark on generations of students as professors, educators, clinicians and department administrators at Creighton University School of Medicine, CHI, the VA Hospital, and UNMC. Both received their medical degrees from, Punjab University, Chandigarh, India. They have worked as volunteer physicians at various charity programs. Together, Shashi and Subhash founded the Bhatia Family Endowed Chair at Creighton University School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry. They also established the Bhatia Family Omaha Public-School Foundation to support scholarships for post-secondary education. The Bhatia’s are being honored for their contributions to education and professions.

Scott Hazelrigg is a 5th generation Nebraskan who holds a Juris Doctorate from the University of Nebraska College of Law. He is founder and President of the NorthStar Foundation and has centered his professional and volunteer life in Greater Omaha around building community through education and youth services.  In addition to his contributions to youth, he is the former Executive Director of the Strategic Air & Space Museum and was previously elected board member of the District 66/Westside Community Schools Board of Education. Scott was an Aksarben Page in 1977 and served as Co-Chair of the Aksarben Floor Committee in 2007. Hazelrigg’s late father, Gerald E. Hazelrigg, was inducted in the Aksarben Court of Honor in 1997, he is being honored for his contributions and service to young people.



JW Hornady started Hornady Manufacturing Company in Grand Island, Nebraska over 75 years ago. Today, the business is still family-owned and is a world leader in bullet and ammunition design and manufacturing. Now in their second and third generations of leadership Steve and Jason Hornady serve as the Company President and Vice President. Steve took the reins of the company after his father’s passing and led Hornady to what it is today. Steve is an active advocate for the shooting sports industry both nationally and internationally. Jason Hornady grew up in Grand Island, Nebraska where he worked as an apprentice in the Hornady Manufacturing ballistics lab. After 14 successful years in the outdoor industry, Jason followed in his father and grandfather’s footsteps by joining the family business in 2006.  Both gentlemen have served on numerous boards and earlier this year were inducted to the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce Hall of Fame. The Hornady’s are being honored for their contributions to business and industry.

Scott D. Moore is a native of rural Nebraska and a graduate of the University of Nebraska Lincoln.  After being elected as a member of Nebraska’s Unicameral Legislature in 1986, Scott served for eight years as a State Senator from the 24th Legislative district.  In 1994, Scott was elected Statewide as Nebraska’s Secretary of State and was re-elected in 1998. In 2000, Scott exited elective office and joined Union Pacific in Omaha where he held a variety of positions ultimately overseeing State Government Affairs, Communications and Chief Administrative functions. Scott is being honored for his career in Public Service and Business & Industry.

Mary Zicafoose is a Nebraska visual artist and tapestry weaver who was born and raised in Niles, Michigan where as a young child she received national recognition in the arts and later received her BFA from St. Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN. In 1978, Mary came to the Heartland for the first time where she met her husband, Kirby Zicafoose, and fell in love with all things Nebraska.  Best known for her work in ikat woven tapestry, Zicafoose is recognized as an inspirational presence in the arts in the community, state, and nation. She is a founding board member of the Union for Contemporary Art and the Mid-City Conservatory, now the Omaha Conservatory of Music, a former Bemis Center for Contemporary Art resident artist, and she is Co-Director Emerita of the American Tapestry Alliance.  Mary was recently recognized with a Lifetime Achievement Award in the Visual Arts at the 2023 Omaha Arts & Entertainment Awards. The Mary Zicafoose Textiles studio is located at Pahuk, the Zicafoose property on the Platte River outside of rural Cedar Bluffs. Her work is exhibited and collected internationally; she is being honored for her achievements in the arts.

Year Name Category
2023 Robert Hoogeveen Professions
2023 Henry H. (Hod) Kosman Business & Industry
2023 Ruth Meints Arts
2023 24th & Glory -Ron Boone, Bob Boozer, Marlin Briscoe, Bob Gibson, Johnny Rodgers, Gale Sayers and Roger Sayers Sports & Community Service
2022 Mike Morgan Public Service
2022 Bill Kubly Business & Industry
2022 Ruth Thomas Business & Industry
2022 Dr. Candace Gregory Leadership in Philanthropy/Community Service
2022 Brad Ashford Public Service
2021 David Jacobson and Rachel Jacobson Arts
2021 Henry Davis Industry
2021 Ivan Gilreath Service to Youth
2019 Christopher Abbott Agriculture
2019 Dr. Ken Cowan Healthcare
2019 Randy Schmailzl Education
2019 Roberta Wilhelm Service to Youth
2018 James D. Pillen Agriculture
2018 Thomas H. Warren Sr. & Mrs. Aileen Warren Community Service
2017 John E. Christensen Ph.D. Education
2017 Betsy and Robert “Bob” Reed Business & Industry
2017 Dr. Jack Stark Sports
2017 Dave Van Metre and the late Carol Van Metre Service to Youth
2016 Ty & Terri Schenzel, Posthumously Service to Youth
2016 Judy Varner Professions
2015 Carl G. Mammel Philanthropy & Community Service
2015 Susan Morris Professions
2015 Jeffrey S. Raikes Business & Industry
2015 Thomas Wilkins Arts
2014 Spencer E. Crews Arts
2014 Rev. Timothy R. Lannon S.J. Education
2014 Evonne and Bill Williams Philanthropy & Community Service
2014 James R. Young, Posthumously
Business & Industry
2013 Fr. Thomas M. Fangman Jr. Education
2013 Pennelope S. Parker Service to Youth
2013 Bruce Rasmussen Sports
2013 Michael H. Simmonds
Business & Industry
2012 Dr. Ken Bird Education
2012 Dr. Linda B. Ford Professions
2012 Paul Jessen, Posthumously
Business and Industry
2012 Joan Squires Arts
2011 Clayton C. Anderson Professions
2011 Keith Olsen Agriculture
2011 Gene Haynes Education
2011 Tal Anderson, Posthumously Business
2010 Ward A. Chambers M.D. Professions
2010 Jack D. Mills Public Service
2010 Alexander Payne Arts
2010 Dr. Maryanne Stevens RSM Education
2009 Alice M. Dittman
Business & Industry
2009 Dr. Kim Hoogeveen Professions
2009 Phyllis J. & Delmer L. Toebben
Community Service
2009 Anne Thorne Weaver Arts
2008 Dr. John Beasley Arts
2008 Sidney C. Dillon
Business & Industry
2008 Kimball Bowles Lauritzen, Posthumously
Philanthropy & Community Service
2008 Connie H. Spellman Professions
2007 Lawrence J. Arth
Business & Industry
2007 Mrs. Adele A. Hazer
Philanthropy & Community Service
2007 Dr. F. William Karrer & Mrs. Beverley A. Karrer
Professions & Service to Youth
2007 Donald E. Overman Public Service
2006 Shirley & Leonard Goldstein
Philanthropy & Community Service
2006 Carmen Gottschalk Service to Youth
2006 Ree & Jun Kaneko Arts
2006 John G. “Jack” McBride
Education & Public Service
2005 Richard W. “Dick” Boyd Arts
2005 Deryl F. Hamann
Business & Industry
2005 Lee G. Simmons Professions
2005 Thomas W. Tye II Public Service
2004 Dr. Winnie C. Callahan Education
2004 Dr. Donald O. Clifton Posthumously
Business & Industry
2004 Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Holland Arts
2004 Dr. Jack K. Lewis Professions
2003 Paul A. Johnsgard PhD Education
2003 Georgianne D. Colladay & the late Martin G. Colladay
Philanthropy & Community Service
2003 The Honorable Tom Osborne & Nancy Osborne Service to Youth
2003 Anthony F. “Tony” Raimondo
Business & Industry
2002 Gerald E. Anderson Agriculture
2002 Mary McDermott Maxwell
Philanthropy & Community Service
2002 Michael F. Sorrell M.D. Professions
2002 J. Robert Duncan
Business & Industry
2001 Hugh W. Hunt
Business & Industry
2001 Dee Owen
Community Service
2001 Edward T. Robinson Jr. Agriculture
2001 Dr. Jerald Schenken Professions
2000 Chip Davis Arts
2000 Jerry Huse
Business & Industry
2000 Dr. & Mrs. Arnold W. Lempka
Professions & Community Service
2000 Sharon G. Marvin
Community Service
1999 Margre H. Durham, Posthumously Philanthropy
1999 Lewis E. Harris Sc.D. Business
1999 Don Leahy Sports
1999 W. Gerald O’Kief Public Service
1998 Duane Acker Agriculture
1998 Thomas Burke Professions
1998 Don Forney Public Service
1998 Suzanne Scott Public Service
1997 Gerald E. Hazelrigg, Posthumously Public Service
1997 Phil Sokolof Public Service
1997 Willis Strauss
Business & Industry
1997 Don Welch Education & Arts
1996 Duane W. Acklie
Business & Industry
1996 Robert Campos
Business & Industry
1996 Mary Shirley Landen Public Service
1996 Willard H. “Bill” Waldo Agriculture
1995 George P. Abel
Business & Industry
1995 Herman Cain
Business & Industry
1995 Helen Wessel Cherniack, Posthumously Public Service
1995 Robert C. Rosenlof M.D. Medicine
1994 Marian Andersen Public Service
1994 Ralph Holzfaster AgriBusiness
1994 Sister Phyllis Hunhoff Medicine
1994 Senator Jerome Warner Government
1993 John R. Lauritzen Business
1993 Jack H. Lowe Professions
1993 Robert L. Raun Agriculture Professions
1993 Father Val Peter Education Professions
1992 Thomas Creigh Jr.
1992 Martha Fricke
1992 Dr. Frank Menolascino, Posthumously
1992 Jim Wolfe
1991 Robert L. Armstrong Public Service
1991 Liz Campbell Professions
1991 Jack Maddux Agriculture
1991 D.B. Varner Education
1990 James Dickenson Agriculture
1990 C.G. Kelly Holthus
Business & Industry
1990 Roman L. Hruska Public Service
1990 Eugene W. Skinner Education
1989 Robert S. Devaney Athletics
1989 Charles Jones Performing Arts
1989 Kenneth L. Morrison AgriBusiness
1989 Virginia Smith Public Service
1988 Margaret Anne Campbell Education
1988 Dr. Randolph Ferlic Professions
1988 Richard W. Mercer Agriculture Professions
1988 Clayton K. Yeutter Public Service Professions