Code of Conduct Form

Aksarben has a proud and distinguished history. Your invitation to participate in the 2019 Aksarben Ball is a tribute to your family and honors their community service and leadership.

Your conduct while participating in the Aksarben Ball must reflect positively on your family, your community and Aksarben. Inappropriate, disruptive or unlawful behavior will result in termination of your participation in the Ball and related Aksarben activities and forfeiture of your participation fee. Any conduct, past or present, unbecoming to this honor is subject to your immediate dismissal. Decisions involving your participation will be made at the discretion of the Aksarben Foundation and the Women’s Ball Committee.

By your signature or typed name below you are agreeing to support the honorable tradition of Aksarben, and adhere to the conduct and duties set forth in the attached “Conduct and Duties of Court Participants”.

Conduct and Duties of Court Participants

These guidelines are provided to ensure your understanding of the responsibilities associated with your participation in the Aksarben Ball. Please review them and if you have questions, do not hesitate to ask.

1. Attendance.

Attendance at any rehearsals or functions from Thursday, October 17th, through the Ball on Saturday evening, October 19th, is imperative. Your presence is very important to the success of the Ball. It will be very difficult to accommodate any absences.

2. Illegal Drug use will not be tolerated.

3. Drink Responsibly.

Alcohol will be served during some events. You are an adult and should conduct yourself accordingly. The current drunk-driving laws are very rigid. Exercise common sense. Use designated drivers, taxi cabs or Uber/Lyft.

4. Optional Post-rehearsal Party.

An optional post-rehearsal party will follow the final rehearsal the night before the Ball Appropriate behavior is expected. Remember that you represent your family and Aksarben. When returning to the hotel for the night, be courteous and respectful of the other guests and property. Damages incurred during any event will be billed to the responsible person(s).

Because of the nature of the events the weekend of the Aksarben Ball, we ask that princesses and escorts do not bring their own dates to any event other than the Ball on October 19th.

5. Be courteous to your assigned “Princess” or “Escort”

You will have an assigned princess or escort for the Regale on Thursday evening and for the Ball production on Saturday night when you are each introduced to the audience. Please be courteous and respectful – don’t do anything that will embarrass you or your family, or your princess/escort and her/his family.

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