Message from the Chair & President

Nebraska. Extraordinary people living in an extraordinary place, doing extraordinary things. Having the opportunity to live and work in a state with so much to be proud of truly is an Extraordinary Wonder. At Aksarben, we proudly work each day to convene leaders across the state, to focus on maximizing our state’s strengths and to tell our story.

What story are we telling exactly? How are we seeing Nebraska’s landscape changing for business and talent? What does our talent pipeline have to do with living and enjoying all that Nebraska has to offer? What are all of these Aksarben initiatives, and how do they fit together?

You’ve come to the right place. In this fifth edition of Spirit of Aksarben, we get to the heart of what we’re doing and why it matters. From, our new initiatives and updates, to our legacy initiatives and honor, Aksarben remains true to the mission established nearly 130 years ago. Respect and celebrate the good times, work hard and see through the challenging times, but always serve Nebraska and prioritize what the state needs most.

In 2017, business leaders began speaking up about the challenge of finding the talent they needed to fill their open positions. Similarly, talent began leaving the state in search of opportunities they weren’t connecting within Nebraska. Clearly there was a misalignment. In 2018, Aksarben began launching initiatives concentrated on specific industries and regions. By leaning in and listening to what the businesses and regions needed, and by lending support and convening the right minds, wheels stopped spinning and solutions started to form.

All of our initiatives are Powered by Aksarben, in that they are led by an Aksarben Board Member. Each must be scalable, sustainable, and replicable, and they are all focused on attraction and retention of talent in careers that are high skill, high wage, and high demand.

We live in a technological world and technology threads through everything we do. Every organization and worker in Nebraska utilize technology. When Aksarben supports regional efforts, we listen and learn from local leaders about their specific community needs. This way, we’re able to provide support and help move the needle toward success, however it has been defined. This work is unique, and the reward is great. Nebraska is full of Extraordinary Wonder, and we’re proud to call it home.

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